Residency Week

Residency Week 2015

ACAP was designed to help you in three ways:

  • To provide information on careers in accounting
  • To encourage you to prepare for college now
  • To be your friend through the process

Most of ACAP’s efforts are focused on our Summer Residency Program. This is a one-week program for qualified high school students who have completed their freshman (9 th), sophomore (10 th) or junior (11 th) year of school. This motivational and educational program has been held each year, predominately at Mills College in Oakland. The 2013 residency week was held at the University of California at Berkeley (UCB) and will continue to be held at UCB from July 13, 2014 – July 18, 2014 for the 2014 residency week. Field trips, lectures and some fun will make this a most memorable week.

After attending the one-week program, you are considered an ACAP alumnus. As an ACAP alumnus, you will be part of a network that offers opportunities to participate in a mentorship program, attend social activities, receive a college scholarship, and/or be offered part-time employment or an internship. All ACAP students are encouraged to participate in our alumni program and to utilize these contacts in furthering their education and development.


San Francisco Bay Area Summer Residency Program

ACAP was established in the San Francisco Bay Area during the fall of 1989. ACAP revolves around a one-week motivational summer residency program for minority high school students. Thanks to the help of over 20 corporate sponsors and over 75 volunteers, approximately 20 – 30 students have participated in the program each summer. The 2013 summer program will be held at the University of California, Berkeley. The program introduces the students to accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, economics and management through a carefully tailored curriculum involving guest lecturers from industry and academia. Students from NABA and Beta Alpha Psi (a national accounting society) are actively involved in the week’s activities. Individual counseling is provided to each student. All ACAP participants receive scholarships covering the total cost of tuition, books, supplies, transportation, room and board. The week culminates with a banquet for sponsors, participants and their parents or guardians.

ACAP Class Gallery Through the Years (1990 – 2013)